Growth Strategy for Rocketship Brands Growth Strategy for Rocketship Brands

We’re growth marketing consultants with a borderline unhealthy obsession for driving profitable scale.

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What We Do What We Do

Leverage our extensive experience across the DTC landscape to grow your business efficiently.

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How We Work How We Work

  • Audit + Roadmap:

    A super deep dive into your business to identify opportunities for growth. We'll deliver a meaty report complete with a detailed roadmap to enhance and optimize your growth channels.

  • Strategy Retainer:

    An ongoing partnership to give your team the guidance and support they need to execute best in class acquisition and retention marketing. We'll identify initiatives most likely to drive down CAC, drive up CLTV and provide the strategy for your team to execute. Need help with creative or execution? We've partnered with the best in the biz to take the work off your plate.

  • Project Scope:

    Have a specific project you need help with? Whether you're scaling your digital advertising, setting up a new quiz, locking down your foundational email flows, or ready to get serious about SMS, we've got the expertise to launch high-performance initiatives your team may not have the experience or resources to handle.

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Who We Are Who We Are

‘Resident' captures the spirit of our intentions as partners. We'll be as committed to your success as in-house team members.

We're moving in, we're just not paying the mortgage.

We are marketers who have scaled over 100 businesses, developed over 30 teams, sent over 2000 email campaigns, and managed over $200M in ad spend.

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes grow sustainably, from newly launched startups to enterprise businesses.

Where most “growth marketers” are experts in acquisition, we are experts at driving growth from acquisition to retention, making us just as invested in the first purchase as the second and the third.

Through our decades of experience growing brands, we’ve built a high-caliber network of top-tier marketing experts we call our “Execution Partners”.

Based on your industry, growth stage, and unique needs, we connect you with the best Execution Partners to fill any gaps on your team.

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Our Values Our Values

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    Great brands aren't built on marketing. They're the result of quality product and an honest, empathetic customer experience. We're not here to make sketchy claims and see what sticks. You bring the product, we'll help elevate the experience.

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    Digital marketing is always evolving. We embrace a growth mindset and get excited at the chance to continuously learn, grow, and adapt to the shifting environment in which we work. We've learned from our mistakes along the way and you'll reap the benefits.

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    We're known to tell it like it is. If performance is falling short, we won't dance around it. If your goals are unrealistic, we'll give it to you straight. But this whole “honesty is the best policy” thing goes both ways. If at any point we're not meeting your expectations, we want to be the first to know.

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    We spend a third of our lives at work. A THIRD! Maybe it shouldn't be miserable? We're working on making your passion reach peak potential - that's awesome. Let's have some fun.

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    We love what we do, but we love our families more. Success and sacrifice don't have to go hand in hand. We'll work together to achieve great things without burning out.